We are a professional management consultancy company with a proven track record of success in working with high growth potential businesses from early stage to internationally based multi-million pound entities.

Creating higher value in a business is at the heart of everything. Halagen’s strategy and business development services take clients beyond their own value generating capabilities.

Over the last decade, we have had the privilege of working as integral members of our clients’ teams. We have helped to create and implement strategies that have expanded profitability, cash generation and business value that have exceeded their expectations.

Whether you are an early stage or internationally based multi-million pound business, we can help.

Our Clients

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Our Services

  • strategy-creation

    Strategy Creation

    Successful businesses can achieve impressive growth without the type of services we provide.

    It is very common however, for such companies to reach a plateau, delivering good results without finding the capability to achieve the true potential for the business.

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  • business-dev

    Business Development

    Revenue and profit growth are challenges all businesses face and each challenge is unique.

    So often overlooked are the key components that drive growth. We are able to provide new perspectives innovation and creativity to meet the challenges and realise growth opportunities.

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  • exec-coaching

    Executive Coaching

    Nurturing individual talent in the senior team is a critical success factor for a business.

    Competent executives will welcome personal development to make them more effective in their roles.

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  • exec-recruit

    Executive Recruitment

    Recruiting a high-quality executive is not an easy process.

    Getting it right will transform the business, getting it wrong could be catastrophic or at best, hugely expensive.

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  • finanfical-training

    Bespoke Financial Training

    It is amazing how many very competent non-financial executives have gaps in their financial knowledge.

    Increasing financial knowledge and skills will increase the impact executives have on the financial performance of the business. This training can yield the same benefit for the wider management team.

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